Introducing Macro - projects for async teams

Too much time is spent in Zoom calls and waiting for Slack messages. We can do better.

Something has gone wrong at work. We’re spending hours in Zoom calls, being constantly interrupted by Slack, and despite this comms overload, it’s still hard to find out what's going on.

Oh well, better hop on another Zoom call, and send more Slack messages to find out, right?

Maybe you've tried to fix this. Maybe you've painstakingly organised docs in Google Drive for others to find, or created complex page hierarchies in Notion. Perhaps you send the odd email update to key stakeholders.

But little by little, docs become disorganised and out-of-date, teams start doing their own thing, and so the cycle of Zoom calls and Slack messages continues.

And we accept it as inevitable.

We tell ourselves that it doesn't really matter if most people don't know what's going on, leadership does (mostly), and we can trickle down important info (with more meetings of course).

It doesn't have to be this way.

A single place for your company projects

Macro is designed to solve this problem. It has a simple philosophy: to make context shared and discoverable.

With Macro, anyone, even a new employee, can easily find out:

  • what projects the company is working on
  • who's involved in those projects
  • where the key docs are
  • whether things are on track

And they can do this asynchronously, no meetings required.

And with discussion threads, blog-style project updates, and tasks, Macro lets you run entire projects all in one place, keeping things simple and consistent across your whole organisation.

Interested? You can try out Macro today at

Founder, Macro.